Testing the ground station antenna

The MIST student satellite ground station can be seen below tracking the FunCube-1 satellite across the sky and then goes to a parking position where the satellite will appear on the the next pass over Stockholm. During this pass we received telemetry on 145.935 MHz using the shorter of the antennas in the video and... Continue Reading →

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MIST – a short intro

Many universities in the world have built small satellites called Cubesats. The KTH Space Center started  its own Cubesat project,MIST, on January 28, 2015. All purchased satellite and ground station subsystems have been delivered. The technical/scientific experiments are being completed. The ground station is under construction. Final testing of the satellite is expected to be... Continue Reading →

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LEGS experiment delivered

On 28 September 2021 the MIST project received another flight model experiment for the student satellite! The two gentlemen in the middle hold each a circuit board that work together. Professor Carl-Mikael Zetterling (left) holds his SiC transistor experiment and to the right of him Anders Jansson (from the Piezomotor company in the nearby city... Continue Reading →

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