End-of-semester-meeting, 14 December

Unfortunately we had to make do with a group picture via Zoom for this semester's MIST team in. If we do not count visitors and supervisors there were 29 students present - both students from the fall semester and some that will join the project in January. Names have been blurred except for the project... Continue Reading →

What’s in a box?

The box on the left contains the low-noise amplifier (the smaller yellowish box) for receiving signals on UHF (437 MHz) and a filter (larger yellowish box) to eliminate interference from the uplink transmitter, mobile telephones and FM broadcasting stations. The black device is a surge arrestor to provide some protection against lightning. The box on... Continue Reading →

Antenna lattice tower is up

A tube in the center of the lattice tower will be raised to hold the rotator and antennasHere the central mast tube can be seen. The aluminum lattice tower that will form the basis of the antenna installation on the roof of the Alfvén Laboratory was attached to its base on 13 October 2020. Cabling... Continue Reading →

Positions in MIST starting in January 2021

Work in a real space project for two semesters and earn academic credits. Interesting positions open for 2021 APPLY NOW! The MIST project is in a phase where two-semester student assignments provide the best learning opportunity for students and the quickest progress for the project. Students are offered to work for up to 15 credits on challenging... Continue Reading →

Ground station receive antenna assembled

On 5 September 2020 students Sergio Peñalba and Joan Mitjans i Blasco assembled the very long UHF receive antenna for the MIST ground station. It is this long (approx. 5 m) because the link budget dictates it. The downlink does not use forward error correction - therefore a lot of gain is needed on the... Continue Reading →

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