Flexi-PCB for MIST

This is glued to an aluminum substrate using the high temperature adhesive on the back. Then the solar cells are glued and bonded to the PCB. You can see the cell outline on the PCB. This is a test piece for the student satellite seen at our supplier ISISpace at Delft. The PCB is designed to... Continue Reading →

End of semester meeting for Team 6

On 15th of December it was time for the end of semester meeting, where all the team members presented the work they have done this semester. This time the meeting was held at OHB Sweden in Kista, ohb-sweden.se. The day started with all the presentations and after that we all got a guided tour of... Continue Reading →

Weekly meeting with team 6

Today we in team 6 had our weekly meeting were we talk about what we have done the last week in the projekt and discuss all the new updates. Every week we also do some kind of game, today was it charades based on what all team members liked or was afraid of. Some of... Continue Reading →

Info: Bachelor Thesis

For all the students that will in this coming semester write their bachelor thesis with MIST, if you are a electrostudent just register as described in the following link: https://www.kth.se/social/course/EF112X/ If you are a student at Physics- or Aerospace engineering you will have to tell the SCI school that your bachelor thesis is at the Electro... Continue Reading →

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