Apply now for MIST work in 2018

The MIST student satellite – positions open for one or two semesters in 2018 academic year – APPLY NOW! Students are offered challenging project tasks in several areas of technical and technical management work in this project: Typical areas for two-semester assignments earning 15 ECTS System engineering Attitude control On-board software CAD Thermal analysis Typical areas for... Continue Reading →

MIST newsletters

Th project has published newsletters during the previous academic year. Please find them here: Nr 1, 1-14 September 2016 Nr 2, September-October 2016 Nr 3, October-November 2016 Nr 4, November-December 2016 Nr 5 January-April 2017 Nr 6, April-June 2017

MIST gets a new office/lab

May 2017: As the Alfvén Laboratory renovation that started a year ago nears its end it is possible for MIST to move into a dedicated office and lab. The desks of project manager Sven Grahn and project assistant Agnes Gårdebäck are on the left. Further to the right are the electronics work bench, the laminar flow... Continue Reading →

Updated 3D-printed model of MIST

May 2017: On the left students Björn Ordoubadian and Marcus Ackland assemble the 3D-printed parts and a mock cable harness into the I.S.I.S. structure. On the right project manager Sven Grahn holds the finished product.

End-of-semester meeting for team 5

23 May 2017: Students from the outgoing MIST team (# 5) gather in front of the wooden sculpture of the Space Shuttle Discovery in which Swedish Astronaut Christer Fuglesang twice travelled to the International Space Station. A few members of the incoming team are also presnt in the picture. The location is KTH's Aerospace and... Continue Reading →

End-to-end Communication tests

Students have started running communications tests between the Elveti (by Solenix GmbH) Mission Control Software (in a laptop) and the on-board computer (iOBC) via the RF Checkout Box and the onboard transceiver (TRXVU). The Checkout Box, iOBC and TRXVU are all Products of Innovative Solutions In Space B.V. Students Johan Engberg and Minjia Chen do the... Continue Reading →

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