The MIST project is organised as part of the KTH Space Center which coordinates and promotes space-related activity at several KTH departments, with an overarching objective of establishing KTH as a “Space University” and a hub for Swedish space research and technology.

The director of the KTH Space Center is Dr Christer Fuglesang, astronaut (Space Shuttle flights STS-116 and STS-128) and professor of Astronautics at KTH.

MIST is managed by Dr (h.c.) Sven Grahn, a KTH engineering physics graduate (1969) and veteran of Swedish space activities.

The students are organized in sub-teams. The supervisors of these sub-teams are:

Dr David Broman, Associate Professor at KTH at the department of Software and Computer Systems is coordinating the onboard computer system work, together with the sub-team supervisor Ms. Saranya Natarajan, PhD student at KTH.

Mr Andreas Berggren, a recent graduate from KTH and an employee of Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd, supervises the thermal control work.

Ms Agnes Gårdebäck, a KTH engineering physics student, is a teaching assistant in the project and supervises the work of the management and mechanical subteams.

Mr Theodor-Adrian Stana, electronics engineer from KTH’s astroparticle physics group supervises the electrical sub-team.

Dr Gunnar Tibert, KTH associate professor of mechanics, supervises the attitude control sub-team.

The sixth student team consists of 10 students and a 8 volunteers that work in the project without receiving academic credits. The students are led by a management team of four persons headed by the student team leader, Ms Annam Tanveer.

Students have mandatory plenary meetings every Wednesday evening.

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