Testing the ground station antenna

The MIST student satellite ground station can be seen below tracking the FunCube-1 satellite across the sky and then goes to a parking position where the satellite will appear on the the next pass over Stockholm. During this pass we received telemetry on 145.935 MHz using the shorter of the antennas in the video and displayed it on a laptop. The satellite is one cubic decimeter in size. The satellite was developed by AMSAT-UK and launched nine years ago. BTW, the video is speeded up by a factor 12 and the canera clock is not perfectly synched to local time.

The pass occured at 1305-1315 UT on 11 November 2022. The pass was an almost direct overhead pass in Stockholm. The maximum eleavtion angle was 69 degrees. At the period of closest approach the antenna moves quickly in azimuth.

The image above shows a polar plot of the pass over Stockholm. The image below shows the corresponding track on a map and the radio horizon around Stockholm.

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