MIST work continues – remotely

Double exposure
The project manager confined to his home.

KTH now operates in “remote” mode as much as possible, including lectures. Me, the project manager of MIST is much older than 60, so KTH has more or less told persons like me to work from home and health authorities in Sweden have told elderly persons (like me) not to leave the home! Does this mean that work on MIST grinds to a halt. Of course not. The majority of tasks can be done remotely. Only some tasks may require work on hardware, but they are quite limited and the necessary equipment items have been brought from the lab to students’ homes – now that students will not have access to KTH’s premises (starting on 18 March 2020 all lectures will be run “remotely”). Project meetings will be run in “remote” mode. So will meetings between supervisors and students. AND – for those who want to join MIST in the fall semester, interviews will also be run “remotely”. So – APPLY!

As for myself, I keep working on technical tasks, but also on procurement of hardware for the ground station and other areas of the project. All possible to do from my keyboard!

I am so proud of all the students in the project who carry on despite the present difficulties.

Best Wishes


Sven Grahn

MIST project manager

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  1. All of our faculty have been ordered to switch to remote work over Spring Break and our students have been instructed to not return to campus unless they have no where to go. We have many faculty (especially the ones near retirement) who are very nervous about using technology, but their objections are falling on deaf ears. Students are also concerned about the online format and are afraid their grades are going to suffer. I have a feeling this will prove easier than they think. and suspect this outbreak is going to change the face of higher ed in the future.


    1. Stella, yes, I can understand that some oldies feel uncomfortable with tech tools. Tell them to ask their students and younger staff. That is what I do. My students know so much more about such stuff than I do. Of course I have technology students who love all sorts of cool tools. The Univ of Missoula is not so technical, is it? Take care.


      1. The university is probably a decade behind other universities, tech-wise. It was a bit of a shock when I started here. Not great for job prospects if I were to apply somewhere with better resources and technology.


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