Antenna lattice tower is up

A tube in the center of the lattice tower will be raised to hold the rotator and antennasHere the central mast tube can be seen. The aluminum lattice tower that will form the basis of the antenna installation on the roof of the Alfvén Laboratory was attached to its base on 13 October 2020. Cabling... Continue Reading →

Positions in MIST starting in January 2021

Work in a real space project for two semesters and earn academic credits. Interesting positions open for 2021 APPLY NOW! The MIST project is in a phase where two-semester student assignments provide the best learning opportunity for students and the quickest progress for the project. Students are offered to work for up to 15 credits on challenging... Continue Reading →

Ground station receive antenna assembled

On 5 September 2020 students Sergio Peñalba and Joan Mitjans i Blasco assembled the very long UHF receive antenna for the MIST ground station. It is this long (approx. 5 m) because the link budget dictates it. The downlink does not use forward error correction - therefore a lot of gain is needed on the... Continue Reading →

Ground station antenna assembly starts

The project kicked off for the fall semester on 24 August 2020. Already a few days later students started working on assembling and testing the antenna system. This work is carried out in the T2 experiment hall in the Alfvén laboratory. The antenna lattice tower has been mounted on  a movable concrete block in order... Continue Reading →

Ground station parts begin to arrive

Major elements of the ground station have arrived during the spring despite the difficulties in shipping parts from abroad because of the pandemic. The transceiver and Ground station computer Receive and transmit antennas Antenna lattice tower

The MIST team – class of spring 2020

Because of the global health situation the traditional group picture of the present MIST team has not been possible to take. Instead each student and supervisor took a self portrait. The MIST student Citlali Bruce Rosete made this very nice collage of the individual pictures.

MIST work continues – remotely

KTH now operates in "remote" mode as much as possible, including lectures. Me, the project manager of MIST is much older than 60, so KTH has more or less told persons like me to work from home and health authorities in Sweden have told elderly persons (like me) not to leave the home! Does this... Continue Reading →

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