LEGS experiment delivered

On 28 September 2021 the MIST project received another flight model experiment for the student satellite! The two gentlemen in the middle hold each a circuit board that work together. Professor Carl-Mikael Zetterling (left) holds his SiC transistor experiment and to the right of him Anders Jansson (from the Piezomotor company in the nearby city... Continue Reading →

End-of-semester-meeting, 14 December

Unfortunately we had to make do with a group picture via Zoom for this semester's MIST team in. If we do not count visitors and supervisors there were 29 students present - both students from the fall semester and some that will join the project in January. Names have been blurred except for the project... Continue Reading →

What’s in a box?

The box on the left contains the low-noise amplifier (the smaller yellowish box) for receiving signals on UHF (437 MHz) and a filter (larger yellowish box) to eliminate interference from the uplink transmitter, mobile telephones and FM broadcasting stations. The black device is a surge arrestor to provide some protection against lightning. The box on... Continue Reading →

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