Previous student teams

The first student team (Spring 2015) consisted of the following members.
(degrees indicated is the nearest degree towards which the person was studying):

Alexander, Joanna (India), M.Sc. student, System-on-a-chip
Berggren, Andreas (Sweden), M.Sc. student, Aerospace Engineering
Felcsuti, Gábor (Hungary), M.Sc. student, Engineering Mechanics
Ganesan, Sharan (India), M.Sc. student, System-on-a-chip
Gårdebäck, Agnes (Sweden), B.Sc. student, Engineering Physics
Haugdahl, Vincent (Sweden), B.Sc student, Engineering Physics
Ilehag, Rebecca (Sweden), M.Sc. student, Civil Engineering
Menzio,Davide (Italy), M.Sc. student, Aerospace Engineering
Sjöström, Daniel (Sweden), M.Sc student, Electrophysics
Sonal, Manish (India), M.Sc. student, Wireless Systems

First student team, June 2015.From the left: Rebecca, Sharan, Sven (project manager), Andreas, Manish, Gábor, Agnes, Vincent.


The second student team (Fall 2015) consisted of the following members:

Rutvika Acharya (Sweden), System engineering, solar array simulation.
Desirée Brundin (Sweden), Team leader, experiment interfaces.
Shreyas Chandrashekar (India), Detumble control.
Simon Görries (Germany), Orbit simulations.
Csaba Jéger (Hungary), Attitude simulation tools.
Sharan Yagneswar (India), On-board computer.
Ernst Wehtje (Sweden), Structure.
Jiewei Zhou (Spain), Three-axes attitude control.

The second student team. From the left: Ernst, Sharan, Simon,Jiewei, Desirée, Csaba, Rutvika, Shreyas.


The third student team (Spring 2016) consisted of the following members:

Simon Görries, student team leader
Daniel Sjöström, Ground station design
Oskar Dahlberg, Antenna pattern analysis (B.Sc. thesis)
Gustav Silver, Antenna pattern analysis (B.Sc. thesis)
Oscar Bylund, Attitude control (M.Sc. thesis)
Csaba Jéger, acausal modelling
Jiewei Zhou, Attitude control (M.Sc. thesis)
Udayan Sinha, On-board computer
Deovrat Phal, On-board Computer
Cindy Abt, CAD/Mechanical design team
Eric Jackson, CAD/Mechanical design team
Kavithasan Patkunam, CAD/Mechanical design team
Maxime Thierry, Camera
Yulia Akisheva, Radiation dose analysis (B.Sc. thesis)
Ramin Farid, Radiation dose analysis (B.Sc. thesis)
Simon Callbo, Power system simulator (M.Sc. thesis)
Malte Gruber, Power system simulator (B.Sc. thesis)

Team 3 students
MIST team 3 kickoff 21 January 2016

The fourth student team (fall 2016) consisted of the following members:

Cindy Abt, Team leader
Richard Ristic, Experiments/ICDs
Johan Berglund, System design file
Niveditha Thiruchelvan, Harness design
Fabian Källström, Power simulator
Martin Isacsson, Power budget
Csaba Jéger, Attitude simulations
Niels Bernving, Flight software investigation
Periklis Diamantidis, Attitude simulations
Mao-Wei Nilsson, Coding etc
Aron Nygren, Coding etc
Kavithasan Patkunam, Drawings
Rakesh Jayaprakash, Materials
Lohith Sugutur, Harness layout
Jakob Ask Olsson, Thermal control
Gagan Gupta, G/S requirements, design, specification
Michelle Wang, Functional test plan
Nishant Katyal, Environmental test plan

From the left: Nishant, Theodor (supervisor), Agnes (teaching assistant), Richard, Johan, Niveditha, Csába, Niels behind Michelle, Periklis behind Gagan, Jacob behind Rakesh, Cindy, Kavithasan, Aron, Mao-Wei. Kneeling: Christer Fuglesang (astronaut, director), Sven (project manager), Lohith.

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