NanoProp propulsion module delivered

The flight model of the Nanoprop propulsion system was delivered to the MIST Project by GomSpace in Uppsala, Sweden on 14 January 2020. Here we see GomSpace Project manager Magnus Carltoft handing over the system to MIST Project manager Sven Grahn. This the first flight model of a MIST experiment to be delivered. A true... Continue Reading →

Two M.Sc. thesis spring 2019

Functional testing of the Electric Power system (Stefano Barra) Thermal balance test of MIST (Fredrik Unell) The picture shows Steano Barra presenting his theis on 16 August 2019.

Functional testing set-up

The functional testing of MIST is now concentrating on creating a simulation environment for future full flight simulations. It consists of solar panel simulators developed by a student (Gustav) earlier and simulators of the power drain of experiments as a function of time developed by yet another student (Malte). The solar panel simulators and the... Continue Reading →

MIST project at Swedish Space Forum 24-26 March

The Swedish Space community regularly holds gatherings to exhange ideas. This year, the event "Rymdfoum" was held in the town of Trollhättan on 24-26 March 2019. Trollhättan is the home of GKN Aerospace, the maker of jet engines and important parts of rocket engines for the Ariane launch vehicle family. The MIST project had a... Continue Reading →

The Antenna System simulator

B.Sc. thesis students Louise and Mustafa have built this simulator of the antenna system for our student satellite. It simulates how commands are sent from the onboard computer to the antenna system microcontroller. This controller then triggers current through resistors that melt nylon wires and then simulated antennas deploy! All computers are simulated by Arduinos... Continue Reading →

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