Starting flight simulations

In January 2019 the first full-orbit power simulation using the Solar Panel Simulator (SPS) developed by student Gustav Pettersson was conducted. The SPS mimics the behavior of the solar panels as if they were in orbit and takes into account orbital position, solar illumination, mutual shadowing of solar panels and the Earth's albedo. The SPS... Continue Reading →

End-of-semester meeting 14 December 2018

The MIST student team nr 8 gave final presentations on 14 december 2018. Present were members of the system-level teams as well as students working on experiments. Several professors and supervisors were also prensent. Therefore this huge crowd!

Mid-semester meeting October 2018

This traditional meeting in the MIST project was held at KTH Electrum Labs in Kista outside Stockholm on 15 October 2018. The person in the upper center a blue-striped sweater is Mr Bengt Holmqvist, former chief engineer at Swedish Space Corporation in Solna, a suburb of Stockholm. He gave a one-hour lecture on how the on-board... Continue Reading →

Subsystem stack fit check

On 12 October 2018 the MIST subsystems were stacked up for the first time to see that they fit inside the central 1U unit of MIST. The check went well and the subsystem stack will be electrically tested in this integrated fashion for a period. Then the subsystems will again be mounted on the Flatsat... Continue Reading →

Sending commands to the power system

The on-board computer on the left, the power system in the middle, the radio on the right. Green LEDs show voltages on various power buses. Thedor Stana sends commands to turn off certain power lines.

Lunch seminar with MIST

During the lunch seminar students from the current MIST student team presented their work and the project manager, Sven Grahn, talked about how students can be a part of MIST.  

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