Some pictures from the presentations at the end-of-semester-meeting on 24 May 2022

Satellite mock-up in transport box “inherited” from another project.
“Runner” to be mounted in the ceiling of the thermal vacuum chamber and from which the satellite will be suspended.
Attach bracket for the satellite to be used in the thermal vacuum tank. The beige material is PEEK GF30, a glass-fiber re-inforced plastic used as a thermal insulator between the satellite and the tank.

“Patch-panel” for feeding power to heaters to be used during the thermal balance test in the Thernmal vacuum chamber.
Left: CAD sketch of set-up for testing the deployment of antennas and solar panel deployment. Right: 3D-printed bracket for catching the part of the Hold-Down-and_Release-Mechanism (HDRM) for the solar panels during the deployment test.
Simulated temperatures of the two CUBES experiment units during a full day in orbit. The experiment units operate only part of the day in this simulation.
Functional testing set-up, a.k.a. “The Flatsat”
Ground Station maintenance: “Cable channels” added to keep rotator and antenna cables neatly together.

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