LEGS experiment delivered

On 28 September 2021 the MIST project received another flight model experiment for the student satellite! The two gentlemen in the middle hold each a circuit board that work together. Professor Carl-Mikael Zetterling (left) holds his SiC transistor experiment and to the right of him Anders Jansson (from the Piezomotor company in the nearby city Uppsala) holds his piezoelectric linear motor experiment. The two ladies on the left, Greta Tartaglia and Laura Venturini, are aerospace engineering students responsible for mechanical matters in MIST and they checked that all dimensions and mounting hole locations were correct. Second from the right is the computer science student Erik Flink who will help integrate the software of the two experiments into the overall system. On the extreme right is associate professor David Broman who helps recruit and supervise students who work on the on-board software. The picture was taken in his lab at KTH’s sub-campus in the suburb Kista (where many tech companies are located).

The SiC experiment circuit board on the left supplies power and data communications to the LEGS piezomotor experiment on the right. The piezoelectric linear motor is the metal-coloured device on the left of the aluminium plate. See the experiment descriptions in the menu for more information about the purpose of SiC and LEGS.
Students check dimensions and mounting holes of LEGS against the CAD drawing. All is fine.

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