Positions in MIST starting in January 2020

The MIST student satellite

Work in a real space project for two semesters and earn academic credits.

Interesting positions open for the spring and fall 2020


The MIST project is in a phase where two-semester student assignments provide the best learning opportunity for students and the quickest progress for the project. Students are offered to work for credits on challenging tasks in the technical areas below.

  • System engineering (1 position)
  • Mechanical integration and test (2 positions)
  • Thermal analysis and test (1 position)
  • Functional testing and flight simulations (3 positions)
  • On-board software (2 positions)
  • Ground station design, integration and test (2 positions)

For applicants to “Functional Testing” prior knowledge of microcontroller programming and practical work with electronics will be considered a special merit.

You can, if you wish, use your work for credits to define a later M.Sc. thesis in MIST.

For more info e-mail the project manager Sven Grahn (sveng@kth.se). Apply to rymdcenter@sci.kth.se no later than Sunday, 13 October, 2019. Your application shall not exceed 500 words plus a one-page CV. Please indicate your primary and secondary task preferences.

  • Please read this document before applying to the project.
  • Here is a short description of the project.
  • Here is a short, and very general, course syllabus that you may find useful when discussing MIST with your program director (programansvarig), track coordinator (spåransvarig), or study counsellor (studievägledare).

Students will be selected around 1 November, 2019 and will start their work in the project on Wednesday 15 January 2020.

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