Helmholtz coil for checking the magnetometer and de-tumbling function

B.Sc. thesis students Valentin and Carl have designed a three-axis Helmholtz coil system that first eliminate the Earth’s maghnetic field in the center of the coil system and then can add a magnetic field vector as strong as the Earth’s field  in any direction and even rotate that vector at a rate of 360 degrees in 10 seconds. In that way we can check that the magnetometert and de-tumbling function of the satellite is alive (we will not aim top calibrate anything with this system). Here you can see Francesca, who is a Ph.D. student in the astroparticle physics group, check out the work. Carl is in  the right. Franscesca is the supervisor of the B.Sc. thesis students for this project.

The size of the coil system must be about three times the size of the volume in which you want the magnetic field to be “homogeneous”. A 3U Cubesat is about 0.3 meter long, so the coils need to be about 1 meter in diameter.

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