Participate in the 5 th MIST student team – now recruiting

Participate in the 5th KTH student team in the spring of 2017.
Positions open in the following areas:

  • Electric systems
  • Attitude control analysis
  • Onboard computer programming
  • Mechanical and thermal design
  • Ground station design
  • Testing

You are encouraged to indicate your primary and secondary choices.

If you are selected to the team as a project course worker you are expected to work up to half-time on the project (depends on what you sign up for in terms of academic credits and duration of the work). B.Sc students work half- time and M.Sc students work full time.

Some of the project goals that we hope to reach during the spring 2017 are:

  • Mechanical design finalized.
  • Satelliote high-fidelity mockup finished.
  • Thermal design finalized (B.Sc.).
  • Thermal balance test studied (M.Sc.)
  • First experiment engineering models arrive.
  • Subsystem stack up and running on lab bench.
  • End-to-end communications test via RF started.
  • On-board software development intensified.
  • Decision on attitude control software reached.
  • Construction work on establishing the ground station started.

Ways to participate:

Send an e-mail with your CV and accompanying letter of application (keep it shorter han 500 words) to: before 14 October 2016.

You will be summioned for an interview and the 5 th project team will be selected no later than 1 November, 2016.

For more information contact the project manager Sven Grahn:

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