MIST at the European Space Expo in Stockholm

The European Commission sends around an exhibition about the EU space programme to cities all over Europe. The past week it has been in Stockholm. Andreas Berggren and Agnes Gårdebäck have been public guides there and last night they presented the MIST project at the podium in the exhibition.

First hardware – for a mock-up

Today, the student team started making parts for a full-scale mock-up of MIST using the 3D printer in the student lab of the Alfvén Laboratory. Stay tuned for more parts in the future... Thanks, Vincent, for the picture.

A first outline of what MIST may look like

In mid-April the project team adopted a design baseline upon which further system analysis will be based. The "Tower" attitude (the Z-axis, directed along the satellite's longest dimension, points along the local vertical) was selected and the locations of experiments were defined. Thanks to Gábor for the graphics below.

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