MIST on the radio – P3 – on Monday 30 March

On 19 March Radio Sweden's youthful channel (P3) interviewed part of the student satellite project team. From left to right: Agnes, Andreas, Sharan, Manish, and the project manager Sven Grahn. This will be broadcast on Monday 30 March in the channel's news broadcasts. The Indian students were of course interviewed in English while the Swedes spoke Swedish in... Continue Reading →

Albedo – what is that?

Agnes is working hard to complete her analysis of available solar panel power. In doing so she is taking the"albedo effect" into account. This refers to sunlight shining on the satellite that is not direct but scattered from the Earth's atmosphere and especially clouds. The "reflectivity" of Earth in visible light - the "albedo" is... Continue Reading →

An illustrated status report

The MIST Project has now been underway in earnest for six weeks and it may be the right moment to let everyone interested know about some of the things that we are doing right now in the Project. We are busy preparing for the System Requirements Review in late March. The purpose of that is to... Continue Reading →

A visit to Nanospace AB in Uppsala

On March 9, 2015 MIST team members (Vincent Haugdahl, Agnes Gårdebäck, Davide Menzio) visited Nanospace AB in Uppsala to discuss the Interface Control Document for the propulsion system that is a payload on the MIST satellite. Johan Sundqvist showed a propulsion system being tested before delivery to a customer. This is very similar to the one proposed... Continue Reading →

Conductance measurements

To support the mathematical modelling of the thermal control some real-world data are needed for the heat conductance between a printed ciruit board and its mounting screws. MSc student Andreas Berggren (right) is preparing the vacuum test specimen together with his supervisor Lars Bylander of the Space and Plasma Physics Group. And here is the test... Continue Reading →

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