Thermal analysis started

Here is a snapshot of some ongoing work - Andreas Berggren's thermal  model of MIST. The goal is to be able to model individual printed circuit boards.And he is getting there, it seems!

KTH space center PR and experiment kick-off

On February 18 the MIST project had a first meeting with all experimenters. During the lunch break the student team leader(Vincent Haugdahl) took part in a student recruitment activity at the KTH student union. This may help recruiting for the second student team to take over the project during the autumn semester 2015: Otherwise, here is... Continue Reading →

A cardboard model of the satellite

In this day and age of computer-aided design the use of a simple cardboard model for discussing design issues seems antiquated. But it is actually a good tool. Here is a "full-scale mock-up" of MIST in "paper technology" 🙂 And here Vincent and Agnes use it to discuss the solar panel configuration.    

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